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Green Cow Gardens | Our whole lives are centered around food.

Our whole lives are centered around food.

About Us

David and Suzette participating in a Go Farm Hawaii event.

David and Suzette participating in a GoFarm Hawaii event.

Green Cow Gardens is a story of beginning farmers, namely David and Suzette.  While living in Atlanta we both got involved in the food industry.  David as a corporate cafeteria cook and Suzette as a Le Cordon Bleu Chef which organically (no pun intended) led to an increasing awareness and interest in food politics.  One thing led to another and we ended up moving to Hawaii and subsequently enrolling in GoFarm Hawaii.  GoFarm Hawaii is a program supported by the USDA that trains aspiring small farmers in sustainable production methods, as well as marketing techniques.

As a company, we seek to build a working Chef community around a working farm.  Restaurants Chefs understand premium vegetables and fruit, i.e. High Brix .  It lasts longer, it is nutrient dense, but most importantly it ‘tastes the best’ and is the reason that savvy diners select a restaurant and return again and again. We understand the need for USDA certified organic and that goes without saying.  However, in speaking with Chefs, we now understand that there is a higher standard, High Brix.

David with his Go Farm Hawaii cohorts.

David with his GoFarm Hawaii cohorts.

We all know what organic means, grown without pesticides, herbicides or any toxins.  High Brix is what is added.  We are attempting to turn back the clock to a time before farms became factories.  High Brix is about nutrient dense food that all starts with exceptional soil fertility.

High Brix also means that we test our to ensure that it is at its highest level of flavor before picking and selling it.  We don’t harvest according to shipping timetables and shelf-life, we harvest according to the readiness of our crops, that moment when we know that we are giving our customers the very best quality that we can.  It is the difference between having vegetables on your plate and having a palpable experience with your food.


Our whole lives are centered around food.


It’s huge.

Images spring to mind of enjoyment, family celebration, community, and creativity.

It is anthropological.

Around the world, cultures and food are inextricably entwined.

It’s history.

Food is the catalyst for civilizations. It has dictated trade routes. Food is all over time.

It’s political.
It’s biblical.

At Green Cow Gardens, we believe in challenging the establishment with everything we grow.

We believe in thinking outside of the box.

We challenge the status quo, growing our produce while obsessing over how it will taste.

We want as close as we can get to perfection:
food that looks and tastes like it should – nutrient dense and packed with high quality sugars.

That’s our path.


Farm to table.

Black Beauty Tomato

Black Beauty Tomato

Adirondack Blue Potato

Adirondack Red Potato

Alfonso Mango

Atomic Red Carrot

Aunty Ruby’s Green Tomato

Baby Eggplant

Black Beauty Tomato

Chantenay Red Core Carrot

Cheddar Cauliflower

Chef’s Orange Tomato

Chef’s Pink Tomato

Cherokee Purple Tomato

Chick Weed

Dragon’s Egg Cucumber

Faerie Watermelon


Golden Beets

Green Malabar Spinach

Hawaiian Chili Pepper

Israeli Melon

Japanese Climbing Cucumber

Purple Asparagus

Purple Asparagus

Kajari Melon

Kajari Melon

Kajari Melon

Lolla Rosa

Peanut Fingerling

Pink Plume Celery

Purple Asparagus

Purple Graffiti Cauliflower

Purple Kohlrabi

Purple Sun Carrot


Red Chesnok Garlic

Red Thumb Fingerling

Romanesco Broccoli


Straightneck Squash


Sugar Cube Melon

Sugar Snap Peas

Sweet Corn

Tokyo Cross Turnip

White Kohlrabi




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